Friday, December 2, 2011

Awesome Adverbs

While verbs describe the action in a story, adverbs "add" to the verbs by telling how the action is done.

For example in the sentence:

John walked quickly to the market.

"Walked" is the verb that tells the action, and "quickly" is the adverb that describes how the action is done.

Most adverbs end in "ly" such as quickly, slowly, happily, and cleverly, but some do not end in "ly" such as these adverbs of place that answer the question, where?
downstairs, there, outsideabove, away, below, down, here, inside, there, up 

Write three sentences that describe actions you like to do. Add an adverb to each sentence.  Use this list
 if you need help coming up with adverbs for your sentences.

This is another article that can help you to understand adverbs.

Ms. Devlin's Example:

  1. I ski cautiously down the steep mountain trails.
  2. I hike dreamily through the autumn forest.
  3. I correct math tests thoughtfully each week.