Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strong Verbs

"LET GO of go!"

Strong verbs make the movie in fiction and the documentary in nonfiction.  Strong verbs allow the reader to specifically imagine a story's action.  

Young children often over use the verb, go.  They will write stories such as this: 

 I go to the park.  I go on the swings. I go to the sandbox.  I go down the slide.

That's a great story if you're in the early grades, but by the time you're in fourth grade it's time to let go of go and use strong verbs in your writing.

That story would have been more interesting if it was written like this:

After a long day at school, I skip to Lake Park.  I fly high into the clouds on the swings, and I build giant sandcastles and villages in the soft, wet sand in the sandbox.  Just before I march home, I climb up the steep ladder and zip down the silver slide as fast as an airplane in the sky. 

I underlined the strong verbs in the story above.

Blog Post Assignment: Write three sentences about what you do after school.  Include at least three strong verbs. Use snappy word to help you find vibrant verbs.